Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wheeler Mission Ministries

Every city has some sort of religious group that works to help the homeless. Wheeler Mission is the most known group in Indiana.

They provide shelter, meals, and medical care for the homeless and struggling. They also run the Hebron Center- a residential recovery program for men struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

It doesn't feel like much, but I gave $5 today. They made it easy and convenient by having collection containers at the check out lanes at a local grocery store.

But that $5 provides almost 3 Christmas meals at the Mission. So, in essence, I fed 3 people today.


  1. I applaud your effort to find a good deed to do every day. It reminds me that if we all tried to make this a goal in our daily lives, mountains could be moved.
    Sometimes we look at the problems in the world and it can be overwhelming. How can I really change the world? Well it starts with people like you..and me...her and him...each laying a stone to build that better world.
    You didn't just feed 3 people. You've fed more because your action have inspired me to buy a few extra items when I do my grocery shopping this afternoon and drop it off at the local food pantry.

  2. Well now I'm inspired to do the same! Also I read the charity habit and realized i've been doing the goodwill donations wrong...should let the kids select stuff themselves, so now I'll do it right!
    Great inspiring blog!


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