Friday, December 5, 2008

The Open Door

A small one today.

Sometimes I catch a daytime talk show and the subject matter is a "what would you do" type of thing. Some of the prime time news magazines have done this sort of thing, too, but far more dramatically. What would you do if you witnessed a domestic violence situation in public? If you saw a child being bullied? A homeless person being teased?

Oprah has one into more day to day situations... how much are you willing to get involved?

I pulled into a parking lot of a busy grocery store today. The minivan in front of me had a wide open side door. And I noticed no one around or in the vehicle. I got out, went over- nothing. Car seats and toys. No people. I look around. Nobody is paying any attention.

Should I shut the door? Or was it left open on purpose? But who would leave a minivan door wide open in December with toys and bags and car seats and whatever else?

So... in what I hope was a good deed and not something that ended up causing problems, I shut the van door.

And nothing happened. No lightning. No camera crews. No interviews asking why I did what I did.

And I went on my way, knowing that I would want someone to have done the same for me.

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  1. Good thing you were there. The light on from the open door may have drained the battery.


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