Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Snowy Day

I wish my snowy day was as pleasant as the one in Ezra Jack Keats' The Snowy Day.

Instead, I had to face the perils of the commute to work with my friends, co-worker and carpooler riding shotgun (Christy).

While reports indicated that the drive should have been horrible, it really wasn't that bad. For us.

So we diverted our route to pass by the local Dunkin' Donuts and brought in some sugary cheer for everyone.

And on our way from the donut shop to work, we passed a small vehicle, stuck in the snow, tires spinning. So we turned around and stopped to help push. And once they got going, there was another car that had gotten stuck trying to turn a corner so we stopped and helped that guy, too.

So 2 good deeds! Donuts for work and helping people get through the snow!

Friday, January 9, 2009

An Update

While I fell way behind on the blog, I did make my gal through 2008.

I ended up writing a lovely letter to my mom. I told her that she was the one who taught me the importance of charity. That I witnessed people helping us when we needed it and observed as she helped others as often as she was able. That I have that same spirit and am watching it blossom in my daughter. That her compassion, caring, and generous spirit lives on and on in at least 2 more generations.

She cried.

I also gave her the list of all the goods deeds done. And explained that I had been sharing the ideas with others and that her inspiring me may well have inspired complete strangers.

It was a really good Christmas.

So I won't be posting here on a regular basis. But I also won't be closing down the blog.

What I'd like to do is challenge you. To share your OWN good deeds. To share the organizations that you support. So drop me an e-mail with links or stories. Let me know if you prefer to remin anonymous or if you'd like your name used or a link to your own blog.

gentlemomlc (a) gmail com

I hope to hear form you! Spread the word... let's get a good deed movement going!

Also- I post daily on my main blog and would love to have you join us over there!

Eternal Lizdom