Monday, December 15, 2008

Passing Along and an Almost Good Deed

My actual good deed was passing along our baby bassinet to a women's rescue group who put out a call that they desperately needed baby items. It was hard for me to pass it along. I'm done having babies but I loved that bassinet and both of my babies used it. So it was hard to give up! But others will get better use out of it now.

And I had an almost good deed and it served as a reminder to keep my eyes, ears, and heart open to when the need may arise for good deeds.

I was in line at the grocery store and the older man in front of me looked out of place. He had 3 items on the belt. He looked a little dirty, grungy. He shuffled and looked around like he was a little paranoid. I was watching because I was concerned he didn't have money or maybe he needed more than he had and I was running scenarios in my head of how I could pay for his items or see if he needed more.

The cashier finished with the man in front of him and started to ring his items through. Asked if he had his store card (the savings tracker thingee). He didn't respond. The other man is still gathering his things so she asks if she can swipe his card for this guy. No problem. She tells him the total and he just stares at her.

I was about to tell her to just ring my things through and I would pay his $4.10. But then the first man turned around- they were there together. So he paid for the items. The man I'd been watching is under the care of the first man in the line. So someone was there to take care of him.

But it reminded me of how important it is to stay aware of the needs around us.

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