Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Coffee Club

We have an interesting coffee situation in my office. My building is divided- one end is corporate and sales and marketing offices. In the back and middle is production, warehouse, maintenance. And my end is a smaller chunk of offices for production jobs.

One end has a company provided coffee service. The other has a coffee club where the coffee drinkers chip in to pay for coffee, creamer, filters, and any other needed supplies.

I work on the production end. And I am the Coffee Chairperson. I make the monthly purchases of needed supplies.

There is a small plastic cup that sits by the pot and a little sign that explains that our coffee isn't free and isn't company provided... so if you take a cup, please leave some change.

Today's good deed...

I took a tin I had in my office and covered it with white paper... and wrote on it...

"All coffee club donations made in Dec will go to the Salvation Army Red Kettles."

I'm going to take the money gathered each this week, next week, and the week after, and deposit it in the closest kettle I can find (a grocery store near work). Hopefully the coffee club donations pick up a little!!


  1. What a great example you are! I hope your coworkers chip in a few extra bucks!

  2. Hey Liz, I finally got around to coming over here and catching up on what you've been doing with this good deeds idea (if you pay attention to such things then yeah, that's me with the 2 dozen page views in your stats). I must say it makes for a joy-filled read, so many lovely gestures and some great ideas for the rest of us to follow up on. Thank you and kudos to you my friend :)


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