Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Spirit

I have a friend who has been struggling with the holidays this year. I think she generally struggles with a lot of things but keeps it all bottled up and it boils over a bit when family things come about.

So today, I share My Magic Christmas story with her. She had started to read it once before and got distracted and never got much past the first bit. This time, she read the whole thing. And she cried and felt some spirit moving within her.

And then I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone and preached a little. And shared with her my perspective on Christmas and Jesus and angels and the "reason for the season" and shared some thing form recent sermon at church and... I also shared with her that I prayed for her this past Sunday during church. Prayed for her heart to open up, for her to experience joy.

I felt like I hadn't done a good deed today. But then I though back on my day with this friend and realized that I did the greatest deed I could do. I prayed for my friend and I shared my faith with her. I reminded her of God's love.

I know that kind of talk can make some folks uncomfortable. And I apologize for that. While I am very strong in my faith and my spirituality, I am a firm believer that how I live my life will show my beliefs more than the words I say. I do not believe that preaching to others is how anyone will find God or return to God.

But in this situation, with this person, it was important and it was the right thing to do. It was the good and kind thing to do.


  1. Liz, I just read that post on your other blog, and it is so, so beautiful, inspiring, wonderful. I think it is awesome that you had just the right opportunity to share faith with someone. Sharing is so different from preaching, and sharing is what you did. God bless you and your friend.

  2. Hey Liz, nice to meet you: thanks for stopping by :) I think the only way you can share your faith or anything with a person is through your r/ship with them: if there's no r/ship, it's "preaching," and most people I know are turned off by that. But if there's a r/ship, it's not "preaching." It's so much more: it's a part of you that you're giving.

  3. What a great friend you are. I agree with Braja. If it's someone you dont know then it is preaching and if its someone you do know then its defintiely just being caring and trying to help in some way. I hope your friend got through Christmas ok as it can be hard for lots of people in different ways.

  4. I hadn't thought of it that way before, Braja. You are so right. It's those "Bible Beaters" who preach to anyone and everyone and can really turn people off. But sharing your faith with someone you care about, respect, love... that's a different type of caring and sharing altogether!


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