Monday, November 24, 2008

Sunday, Nov 23

Good deed: Today, with no prompting, Teagan asked if we could go to the store and buy food for hungry people. Our church collects for the Fishers UMC Food Pantry and there was an announcement in the bulletin that they most needed spaghetti and sauce. When we did our weekly shopping today, that's what we picked up!! We will either get it to our church this week or will take it directly to Fishers UMC. 5 large boxes of spaghetti and 5 jars of sauce and we spent around $15.

Gratitude: Teagan decided, for the first time ever, that she wanted to go to Sunday School today. Our associate pastor, our pastor's wife, the teachers, and a teacher's daughter really went out of their way to make sure Teagan was comfortable and confident in what was going on and played a major role in her having a successful first time!! Huge amounts of gratitude for that!

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