Thursday, November 20, 2008

Put It On MY Tab

I have a friend who buys the meals or movie tickets or whatever of military personnel whenever he can. If he is dining out by himself or with friends or with family and he sees a person in uniform, he will go out of his way to pay for their meal.

So today's good deed is inspired by that friend.

I was at a business lunch. 3 soldiers, in their Army gear, walk in.

I excused myself from our table and went to the hostess stand. Asked if I could buy a gift card to pay for part of their meal. I don't have the funds to pay for 3 meals at Bravo but I wanted to do what I could. $25 is in my budget.

However, if I buy a gift card, it isn't going to be usable until the next day. Some may have stopped with that road block. But I believe in the power of good deeds! So I talked to the hostess, we talked to a server, and he rang up $25 on their tab with my credit card.

My boss encouraged me to stop by their table and thank them. I had really hoped to remain anonymous. But it just wasn't in the cards.

The reason I didn't want to approach the table is because I knew I would get emotional. But I did go over before we left and thanked them for their service. And they asked if it was me... and I said yes. And they each shook my hand. And I said thank you again. And they understood.

I don't support the war but I do support the military who are sent over there to fight it. This is one way that I can show my support of the men and women who sacrifice so much, risk so much.

Your turn!!


  1. My friend, Tina has done that on occasion and I think it's lovely! Thanks for the reminder.... I'm going to do that when the occasion arises and the funds are available! My significant other is retired 20 year Army vet and he often stops and talks to the folks in uniform when we see them

  2. Well, darn it, that one made me cry. What a great idea; I plan to steal it...uh, I mean, pay it forward. :-D


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