Friday, November 21, 2008


What I really love are when good deeds end up being kind of selfish and benefit me, too. :)

Met my friend for lunch. Handed over the Bumbo. It's a pizza buffet place. We go up to pay before we start eating. I know it's tough to dig in your purse and all while holding a baby... so I offer to hold the 9 month old. Mom says fine but really doesn't think baby will come to me.

I was able to hold baby while mom paid, got her drink, sat stuff at the table, set up baby's food, and got her lunch from the buffet. As a mom myself, that is certainly something that I always appreciate!

And I got to tote around a sweet little baby and show her fake plants and windows and touch signs with her... we even rubbed cheeks a couple times.

Perhaps it isn't selfish... maybe that's just a smidgen of kharma?

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