Friday, November 21, 2008

A Friend In Need

Good deeds don't have to be huge. They just have to be genuine. That's my opinion anyway.

I have a friend/acquiantance that I know through a local message board. It's a very large board for area moms. She and I have met a few times, hung out at events. She had a baby 9 months ago and we talked a few times here and there about breastfeeding, whenever she needed advice or help.

She put out a call that there was s pecific piece of baby equipment they need. It's a Bumbo- a foam baby seat. I fell in love with ours when we had Teagan and she loved her Bumbo.

Zach never took to his. I had asked for one as a shower gift... but he never really liked it and it has hardly been used.

So this friend posted that she needs a Bumbo because the friend who gave her one is taking it back. Having had a child who loved her Bumbo... who sat in it in restaurants, at home, at church... I understand the panic feeling of being without.

So it isn't a huge gesture. And she isn't poor or destitute. And a Bumbo isn't a necessary baby product.

But good deeds don't have to be huge, don't have to cost money. I have something I'm not using, she has a need.

And bonus to the good deed- we are essentially recycling this product! Good for Mother Earth! Less packaging being thrown away, less chemicals being used to create this item.
Share a story with us! What have you taken from your own home, your personal inventory, and passed on to someone else?

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